Trent Riverside Jam 2018

We're back at Trent U for another awesome jam! 

4 Hr long OPEN format - All riders, no categories and a lot of smiling faces.

Riders Choice - Ski OR Board TOP 3

SGV AWARD - Most creative, positive and stylistic rider

What are we riding for? Of course it all comes down to having fun. Hosting this at Trent always seems to bring in a whole bunch of unfamiliar faces with a growing interest in the culture. We want to show that it isn't about being the best. Its about having a positive attitude toward trying new things, enjoying the outdoors with friends (even in winter, woah) and pushing style and creativity in a physically healthy way. We can go more into why we love being so involved in this culture ... but lets save that for a deeper blog post :)

BIG THANKS to The Trent Ski and Board Club for getting this organized again and giving us another welcoming invitation to come out to film and ride at this inevitably gnarly event.  

Another HUGE THANKS to AXIS FREESTYLE for lending out there super nice features again ! 

Special credit ** Drone Pilot : Garrett Eddy (also the skier to do that insane pole filp on the Trent rail)

Thank you to everyone that could and did make it out.

Here is our visual summary on some of the madness that went down that day.

Trent Riverside 2018